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  • ・The Company does not provide any kind of guarantee regarding the accuracy, certainty, usefulness, and suitability for the specific purpose of the customer, of the contents posted on the website.
  • ・Please note that the Company may change, modify, or discontinue provision of the website without prior notice.
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2.Copyright and trademark

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3.Link to the website

In principle, the link to the website is freely available. The link URL should be “https://www.asahi-tanker.com/”. However, please refrain from the following uses. If we find an inappropriate link, we will request the website operator to delete the link.

  • ・Links from sites that may damage our credibility, dignity, or honor
  • ・Links from sites whose contents may be illegal or violate public order and morals
  • ・Links in a format that impairs the clarity of the website, such as frame links
  • ・Other links that the Company deems inappropriate

4.Link from the website

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5.Use of cookies

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6.Customer information

The "Contact Us" page of the website asks your personal information (name, email address, etc.). The information we receive will be strictly controlled and will only be used to provide our answers and services to users. Please see here for our detailed privacy policy.

7.Governing law and jurisdiction

Use of the website and the terms of use are governed by Japanese law. The Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes relating to the website.