The sea, the future, and our AnswersThe sea, the future, and our Answers

The shipping industry is facing an unprecedentedly severe
business environment, with factors such as aging crew, aging
ships, and a departure from fossil energy.

However, we cannot waver, because we supply an essential item
needed to enrich people’s lives.

We will keep going, because we have established a solid safety
foundation assuming every situation.
We will break ground, because we have inherited DNA that has
led our business with unique ideas from our predecessors.

Our future navigation in the blue ocean begins here.

  • Carry fuel to support your lifeCarry fuel to support your lifeWe transport energy to sustain the lives of people, a mission to be proud of.
  • Safety desire and safety supportSafety desire and safety supportWe focus first on safety because our daily work is exposed to danger. A solid safety management accumulated over the years is our precious asset.
    Safety Operation
  • Ever a pioneerEver a pioneerWe face several issues, such as shortages and aging of crews in addition to environmental impact caused by voyages. We would like to solve these problems by introducing electrically powered vessels (EVs).
    e5 Project