Position Name Responsibilities
Chairman of the Board Kazunori Nakai  
President and
Representative Director
Shigekazu Haruyama  
Executive Managing Director and Representative Director Kohei Sakamoto  
Managing Director Kensuke Hattori Finance and Accounting
Managing Director Michihiko Nakano Corporate Planning
Outside Director Satoru Tagami  
Outside Director Kazuhiro Takahashi  
Outside Director Kazuki Maeda  


Position Name  
Corporate Auditor Hideki Maekawa  
Outside Corporate Audeitor Tomoaki Ichida  
Outside Corporate Auditor Sotaro Mori  
Outside Corporate Auditor Suminori Ikeda  

Executive Officers

Position Name Assignment of duties / Position transfer
President, Chief Executive Officer Shigekazu Haruyama  
Executive Officer Kohei Sakamoto Domestic Business
Executive Officer Kensuke Hattori Administration
Executive Officer Michihiko Nakano Overseas Business
Executive Officer Takeyoshi Ichikawa General Manager of Corporate Planning
Executive Officer Yoshiro Ito General Manager of Finance and Accounting
Executive Officer Kazuhiro Kishi Safety Environment Ship Management
General Manager of Crewing

(As of November 21, 2022)