We respond to any needs of customers with our 120 vessels in various sizes.

We respond to all customers needs. Every year we manage domestic transportation of 35 million KL of petroleum and other product for oil wholesaler such as trading houses and other types of companies. Our bases are in Tokyo, Osaka and in Nagoya and operate about 120 vessels, which consist crude/clean oil tanker and specialized tanker that carries asphalt, lubricating oil, LPG, sulfur, ETBE.
Each tanker’s size ranges from 300KL up to 7,000KL.

We propose shipping plans customized to each customers needs.

We have been committed to expanding and improving our fleet in order to meet the diverse shipping needs of our customers. We will continue to augment the capabilities of our fleet. We also take maximum advantage of our many years of domestic shipping expertise to offer complete coverage of all the Japanese islands, from Hokkaido in the North to Okinawa in the south, providing service that meets the shipping needs of customers anywhere in Japan.


Osaka Branch Office

As our base in the Western Japan region, the Osaka Branch Office of Asahi Tanker is engaged in the operation of tankers with a capacity of no more than 1,000 kiloliters.
The vessels transport bonded bunker fuel oil, as its main cargoes, and other cargoes to various customers with a fleet of more than 20 vessels operating along the Seto Inland Sea and all around Kyushu.
It has made full arrangements for safety based on the Osaka Branch Office and is providing services adapted to any and all transportation needs among all customers.

Bonded Bunker Transportation

pic_02_0052Bunker Fuel Oil Transportation for ocean-going vessels from the 1950s, we currently hold 65% of the domestic market share. Bunker delivery can be complicated and hazardous as it is subject to various regulations on vessel type, handling capacity, port and berth condition and so on. Having developed elaborate safety systems of our own for these operations, we established our position as a top performer in this market.

Transferring fuel to the passenger vessel