Everything from small chemical and product tankers to crude oil tankers – We promptly meet the increasingly diverse and internationalized needs of customers

Our Overseas Transportation Division handles shipments between Japan and other countries, as well as trading between foreign countries. The division is divided into two sections: the Crude / Product Tanker Team and the Chemical Tanker Team. Our mid-range (MR) tanker operations began with heavy crude shipments by the Asahi Maru in 1975. Crude / Product Tanker Team operates tankers centered on MR type, as well as long-range (LR) type and PANAMAX, while Chemical Tanker Team mainly operates chemical and oil tankers of short-range (SR) type with its largest vessels being 12,000 DWT. With this wide range of fleet we offer high-quality service that quickly meets the increasingly diverse and global needs of our customers. We have also created a robust system for cargo booking and vessel allocation, from our headquarters in Tokyo and overseas office in Singapore.